Rather than an actor communicating solely through gesture and facial expressions with a white painted face, four northern based lads have given a new meaning to the word MIME, with their catchy guitar riffs, post-punk drumming and vocal harmonies which makes you want to jump around your bedroom pretending to be the rock star you’ll never quite be. Over the past four months MIME have headlined at the Limetree Festival and The Boardwalk in Sheffield, a venue best known for the birth of the Arctic Monkeys, and are set to be touring around London in the New Year. Their first track release, Plastic Fantastic, is a raw, catchy number with sporadic high up the fret board solos, intrinsically warped lyrics and a beat which will have you playing air drums for the best part of three minutes. Other tracks from MIME include 'Dog Eared Soul', '2 Or 3 Times', 'Be Here Now' and 'Wouldn’t Say No', all of which are on their debut EP and able to download for free, YES, FREE, on their website. http://www.myspace.com/mimeuk