Rumour Cubes are a post rock band consisting of six musically minded individuals residing in London, showcasing hints of an abstract Radiohead and big dollops of dreamy shoegaze, although they seem to be looking upwards rather than down (so how about calling it stargaze...). They craft vast soundscapes, utilising an innate sense of space in music to piece together a musical jigsaw that sounds like a soaring, skyward journey, blending delicacy and power within the confines of the same track. They make music to make and break hearts, full of cinematic sentiment that gets stuck in your soul. Think of them as the soundtrack to your daydreams.

Rumour Cubes - At Sea [Video by Valentina Lamantia] from

Rumour Cubes have an EP out 'We Have Sound Houses Also', free to download from their Bandcamp (