Eels On Heels are an Italian band that blew us away with their latest EP, Letters. Its tribal beats and destructive nature really a struck a chord with us so we decided to up with Tomasso Sgarangella from the band to find out more. How are you guys today? Everything is going pretty well at the moment (at least from a musical standpoint). We're playing, composing and doing many gigs, a very difficult thing here in Italy for a band like us! You’re new on our radar here at the 405 – tell us a bit about yourselves. Well we're called Eels On Heels, but don't ask why, otherwise we would answer "Why not?”. There are four of us and we've been together for about a year. We were very lucky to share the stage with bands such as: S.C.U.M., The Violets, Parenthetical Girls, Placebo, Nedry, Project: Komakino and more. It's difficult to define our music in words. We simply think of us as "experimental ", with no other labels, since we don't ponder on such issues when we compose. What would you say your ‘mission statement’ is, if you have one? As said before, we don't set many limitations. We play and that's it! Naturally we're influenced by what we listen to and what we've heard in the past and, obviously, there are some features we cannot give up such as analogue sounds, sharp guitars and percussions! Another important feature is our hermetic lyrics and the obsessive voice metrics, since we consider the voice as an instrument like all others. Composing for us is communicating. You recently released your second EP, entitled ‘LETTERS’. It seems quite anarchic and actually we at the 405 described ‘N’ as brutal. Is this a deliberate effort on the part of the band? First of all, we must say that we really liked the term "brutal"! However, it is not our intention to be so, but certainly our percussion section and the wall of sounds may create this effect and actually, that's not bad at all. We enjoy very much having a strong live impact. What are the main influences behind Eels On Heels? We're all strongly influenced by all 80's experimental wave which includes bands like Faust, This Heat, Throbbing Gristle, einsturzende neubauten, MARS! But needless to say that also everything that comes out today and that we like, in one way or another, affects us. Let's think of bands like These New Puritans, Factory Floors, HEALTH, Liars. You’ve self produced your last two EP’s – do you find this gives you more control as a band over your sound? Surely self-producing grants us much freedom. On the other hand, however, it's much more difficult to interface with the public! Self-produce here is different from the U.K. Small producers in Italy do not have a large following, also because the whole underground and experimental scene is going through hardship but is, at the same time, very active. So much so that many Italian bands are trying to take over the European market snubbing the Italian one. Why have you based yourselves in Bari? We were born here in southern Italy and so, we started our project here, trying to bring our performances farther and farther away, always returning to our "base", here in Bari, a city where, thanks to the initiative of creative people like the guys of the music/fashion brand “Discipline” and venues like the 'Korova' Bar, bands like S.C.U.M., These New Puritans, Parenthetical Girls, Violets and other Anglo-Saxon bands and DJs have performed. However, we would be happy to change our residence if the opportunity arises. Anyway, we also want to point out that thanks to the Internet it is now possible to cancel the distance and you can start a project anywhere and make it known to the world through the network. Is there a debut album in the pipeline? If so what can we expect from it? At the moment we're not thinking of releasing an album yet. We are waiting for label offers. In the meanwhile we're writing new stuff, therefore, we're deep into sound research. Next Spring DISCIPLINE will publish a compilation with a selection of Italian alternative bands and we will be on it. What other plans do you have for 2011? We are planning some dates in U.K., next spring, together with A GIANT LEAP. In the meanwhile, we’ll keep travelling across Italy doing everything we can to promote our music even to the most difficult and lazy ears. We can't wait to leave the Italian borders: in fact, we are planning (employing only our resources) to spend some time in France and Germany, next spring. Of course, we are trying to push our EP in order to find a label that might be interested in our work.