Hailing from Florida, Uno (unouomedude to me and you) has managed to bottle the atmosphere that surrounds him, resulting in a powerful display of 'sunshine-pop'. We've been digging his sounds since last Summer but what better way to brighten up a cold day in February than to find out more about this intriguing artist. How would you describe your music to someone that's not heard it? I usually say "lo-fi pop", "experimental pop", "indie pop", or just "pop". It depends who I'm talking to I guess. Where did the name come from? My cousin was going to use the name "Unoiouboi" pronounced "You-know-I-owe-you-boi" for gaming or something. One day I was trying to make an IM account and I needed a screen name. I decided to use "unouomedude" and it stuck. I don't really even like the name that much, but I like the way it looks. What sort of music influences you? I don't really try to be influenced by anything, it just kind of happens subconsciously. The songs I make are pretty much just a bunch of sounds I like. As I discover more of them I use them. I've been listening to a ton of good hip-hop lately though and that's definitely having an effect on my new music. Outside of music, what influences you? People, dreams, photographs, memories, and stories mainly. Do you have any plans to do any remix work for people? So far I've only done two remixes. The first remix was for NazcarNation and the second was for Total Warr. It's kind of fun, but sometimes I have to do more work on remixes than I do on my own songs. I don't really want to do any more right now. Maybe when I get a new computer. I make everything on a netbook right now. You've been self releasing your music, do you feel it's necessary for new artists to sign record deals? Are there any plans to work with any labels? I think it depends on the artist. If you feel like you can handle everything and accomplish what you want to by yourself, then go for it. If you don't, then try a label. I've just been giving out my music for free, so I haven't really done anything with labels quite yet. I think working with a label would be good for me though. I've been talking to a few labels, some big some small. I'm sure whatever happens will be okay. On a similar note, like many artists these days you've embraced the internet fully with your work. How important do you feel it is to connect with people directly? Honestly, most of my friends are people I met online through music. I think it's great. I really like knowing the people who listen to my music. It's getting harder to know them all which feels weird , but I appreciate when people share my songs with their friends and stuff so I like to tell them how much I appreciate it. We've seen a lot of bands emerge/artists emerge from Florida in the last few years. Is it a supportive place for music? I guess. I don't know if it's different from many other places, but there are bands that are popular locally and then get national or international exposure like Black Kids, Astronautalis, and more recently my dude Rob Roy. There also seems to be a lot of sunshine within your music. Would you say that has a lot to do with your location? Well 'Marsh' was intentionally a sunny record, but most of it has to do with my Floridian experience. So there are some songs about times I spent at Jacksonville Beach, or just stuff about growing up in Florida period. Lastly, what have you got planned for 2011? New EP(s), hopefully some touring, and whatever else comes my way.