Searching the internet for new bands is certainly a tricky business, especially with Myspace committing web suicide with their latest re-design. Back in the day you could look up a band you liked, scrolled down to see who they were friends with and continue down that path until something moved you. Thankfully bands like Guitars like to reach out to folk like us, and we're glad they did. They create a lovely blend of indie/pop/folk/country and lead singer Shanna has a voice as pretty the face it's projected from. We sent the band some 'Introducing' questions to find out a little bit more about them. Where are you guys from? We live in Brooklyn, NY but we are both from the west coast originally.    How long have you been playing together?     For three years. We released our first album in 2010. How would you describe your music? We call our music psychedelic country. We see psychedelic music, country, blues and folk music as part of an American tradition. We would ultimately prefer to be called Americana so I guess we're working on changing the definition of that genre. What would you consider your main musical influences? Old school country like Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. Neil Young. Fleetwood Mac. Nina Simone. Peter Tosh. Singing poets like Patti Smith and David Berman. Ceremonial music from all over the world. In terms of your roots, do feel any musical connection to it or indeed to any scene surrounding it?     There was an era when pop music was used to spread an almost mystical vision of what modern life and culture could become. Many of the people we play shows with are interested  in that time and that vision. Also, many of them have an interest in the transformative properties of music, its healing aspect. That's what our series Sonic Medicine Wheel Ceremony Show is all about.    What element of your music most sets you apart from other bands around? We want to live up to the legacy of the country and soul musicians that created pop music as we know it. Live performance is really important to us so we focus on bringing it with a tight band. Our songs are about matters that transcend the everyday and we put a lot of intention into our words and how we present them. We're creating something to outlast the hype cycle. Melody is very important to us.   What are your plans for 2011? We've got a new EP coming out soon, as well as plans for an accompanying short film. We're gonna start working on another record this year, do some touring, and hopefully make it to the beach.