Weird Dreams are in essence nothing especially new. A three piece from London, the hazy post-punk, Lo-fi sound they are going for is becoming commonplace. It takes then, something a little bit special for a band to stand out among this ever expanding crowd. Weird Dreams, it seems, have that something. For example, where fellow Lo-fi bands like Yuck, with whom Weird Dreams have a lot in common, like to turn the volume of the vocals down to an almost inaudible level, Weird Dreams turn them right up loud, for good reason. Doran's (lead singer and song-smith) vocals are soothing and seem to fit the mood of the band perfectly. The production on their songs is admirable, and to top it all off they have an uncanny ability to write real catchy pop songs. ‘Little Girl’ (below) is the standout song, it encapsulates everything good about the band, and is well worth a listen.   Having only formed in the summer last year, and with barely a handful of shows to their name, Weird Dreams have already sold out their debut EP (released as a set of limited Cassette tapes). The next instalment is due for release soon, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that. Theirs is a refreshing sound, and one that is most welcome in what is fast becoming an overcrowded genre. Image by Sean Carpenter