Space Ghost Cowboys are doing what most bands won't, or can't do. They're not chillwave, they're not witch house, they just make rock music. How many bands out there are doing that? We're not talking about 'Kings of Leon Stadium Rock' or the type of music you might hear played out by the local band at your local pub. We're talking about guitar driven rock music that makes you feel like jumping up and down or shouting out. The main force behind the band is a guy called Aaron Maine (also in PORCHES.) who has the sort of effortless vocals most people would kill for. He's joined by James Ryan on bass and Jack Reilly on drums. In short, we dig this band. We hope you do too. Where are you guys from? Grew up in Westchester, NY in a town called Pleasantville. How long have you been making music together? Space Ghost Cowboys has been a functioning group since around 2006. How would you describe your music? A celebration of loneliness, rock and roll and love. Where did the name come from? Picture a cowboy with a sheet over his head w/ two holes cut out, riding his horse onto the darkside of the moon and you get Space Ghost Cowboys. What would you consider your main musical influences? Neil Young, Chopin, Everly Brothers, TURBOSLEAZE. In terms of your roots, do feel any musical connection to it or indeed to any scene surrounding it? Westchester Smooch and Roll, Folk...I don't know...I'm not sure where it sits in the scheme of things. What element of your music most sets you apart from other bands around? Soul and an unbridled love for rock and roll. What are your plans for 2011? Make a Space Ghost Cowboys E.P. with the songs we wrote on tour, record a Sex God album w/ out of tune banjos and a chord organ, make a PORCHES. full length, tour the large bodies of water in the summer, try and find a european booking agent to get a tour overseas together, make friends, make love, make drunk, make cash, get wet, and stay warm.