Electro iconoclast FOE is a harbinger of three minute bouts of biting indie pop. Tempered with distorting keys and grunge guitars, her songs are marches into suburban furore – cussing and kicking to climax via the art school leanings of The Kills and the sung charm of PJ Harvey. The impressive 'Tyrant Song' is lifted from the forthcoming EP Hot New Trash and offers a glimpse into the cacophonic sneer of it all. “The whole thing reeks of piss, death, sex and Coca-Cola”, she attests in her own words.
The overarching presence of producer-collaborator extraordinaire Adam Crisp – better known for fares under the guise of Entrepreneurs – adds a certain electronic chaos to affairs and provides a slick undercurrent to songs that in tandem tug at heartstrings and tie them in mischievous knots. “Are you ready for the next big thing?” is the question slurred over each refrain. Here’s hoping, FOE. Hot New Trash EP is released via Stella Mortos on Monday 4th April.