Located in the middle of North America, School Knights purloin the influences that surround them. Creating a fusion of lo-fi streaked Metal and Punk which is prominent in their track ‘Lunch Money’, the band hold a variety of influences including Devo, Miracle Chosuke and Women. “It really started as me trying to write death metal” explains their lead singer, Michael Stein (not to be confused with the banjo-led, country musician) “but alas I don’t really know what death metal sounds like.” When reading their long-winded MySpace biography, it’s evident School Knights thrive on fiction and mystery. Misleading fellow MySpacers into believing Michael and Guitarist, Zach Roif, have callous antics by stealing the band from friends. However, they fail to mention their Drummer, Ben Donehower, and when asked if this prolix statement is true they continue their first ruthless impression by answering with ‘No no, it’s not. We wish though’
‘Lunch Money’ concludes all of the above; with blurry lyrics, abrupt heavy interludes and evident Devo, Miracle Chosuke and Women influences conveyed by impatient riffs, constantly adjusting to various genres. School Knights are soon releasing a cassette on Crash Symbols and a summertime LP which will be a potential summer soundtrack. You can visit the band by heading to www.myspace.com/schoolknights