Weekend Wolves is the monster in your closet, the dark shadowy corridor at 2am when you need the toilet and catching the last train home. Weekend Wolves is just one man based in Hamburg, who patches together sinister sounds and beats to create a quilt of darkness. It's easy to imagine what his songs would look like if they had a visual equal - probably anything by Lynch, or Psycho with electronics. Essentially it's the sort of music that will give you nightmares and we're totally happy with that.
Where are you from? I live in Hamburg, Germany. How long have you been making music? I started to make remixes as Weekend Wolves in early 2010. The first WW songs were finished at the end of the year. How would you describe your music? Hard to tell. It's a dark giant nostalgic stomping ghost. What would you consider your main musical influences? Actually, I haven't been listening to too much music lately but artists like Colder, Neon Indian, Simian Mobile Disco and HTRK might have influenced me. In terms of your roots, do you feel any musical connection to it or indeed to any scene surrounding it? My roots are completely different from the music I make and listen to today. My childhood consisted of bands like Supertramp, America, Grand Funk Railroad, The Mamas & The Papas and Fleetwood Mac. The only connection is nostalgia, I guess. What element of your music most sets you apart from other bands/artists around? Honestly, I don't care too much about how my sound differs from other bands and artists. But the samples I use and the basslines might be quite characteristic. What are your plans for 2011? Definitely to write more songs, create an interesting live concept and hopefully do some shows! Some sort of release would be amazing as well.