San Francisco’s Whirl shoegazing sound sits somewhere between My Bloody Valentine and Ride, but with a much more elite feel that has long evolved from their peers. Their debut EP ‘Distressor’ comes drenched in loud feedback, and the band’s melodic elements sometimes get lost, but isn’t that the point? Standout track ‘Leave’ has the grungey elements of The Joy Formidable but if they’d listened to Slowdive records, as does the equally exhilarating ‘Ghost’. The constant dreamy impressions will leave a mark on you, but ‘Meaningless’ shows they can also rock out when the need arises, in remarkably lo-fi fashion.
The sextet have a sound at odds with their summer climate, bringing in visions of rainy days and dark, dingy clubs but with the hope when you get out things will be brighter. They have taken the simple route of using one-word song titles and the closing song ‘Sandy’ is awash in both charismatic and cinematic noisy majesty. It is also remarkable that the entire EP was recorded live as it is so tightly put together. The revealing artwork shows a band not afraid to cause a commotion and gain reactions. To find out more about Whirl and hear ‘Distressor’, visit