With a strong anti-internet stance at first, Camden’s Tribes built up their reputation by word-of-mouth. There’s still not too much about them online but a quick Google search finds them being touted by both the NME and the Guardian as one of their tips for 2011. They’ve already signed to Island and their support slot with Mystery Jets ended up with Blaine Harrison asking if he could cover one of their songs. They’ve also played with one of their favourite bands, the Pixies (at the Troxy of all places), and recorded a session for Huw Stephens. So a lot has already happened for them, proving that not everyone has to be constantly updating twitter and making Facebook groups in this day and age for their band to succeed. Made up of frontman Johnny Lloyd, Jim Cratchley on bass, Miguel Demelo on drums and guitarist Dan White, Tribes say they’re influenced by American bands such as Pavement and REM, but remain resolutely British and personally I can hear elements of early Suede especially in their sound. ‘We Were Children’ takes a nostalgic look back at what it was like to be a youth in the mid 90s, while ‘Girlfriend’ contains the chorus: “My girlfriend doesn’t love me, my haircut doesn’t suit me, my best friend thinks I’m lazy”, - a soundtrack to the current generation? Well, maybe. The band adds the intricacies of their favoured US bands to the more straightforward UK pop tunes, and it is this mixture that makes them stand out, alongside their all-too-honest lyrics. ‘Coming Of Age’ is an altogether calmer, acoustic-based song about getting drunk and making friends with people they don’t like. They’re set to be a huge festival presence this summer, and one tribe you’ll be happy to join. You can visit the band by heading to http://tribesband.com