I Ching recently played their debut London show at the Notting Hill Arts Club, supporting the rather brilliant Becoming Real. This coupled with some airtime from Huw Stephens has lead to a lot of interest, and rightfully so. We first made aware of the band when their pr people sent through 'It's Me', which you can hear above. It has the dance sensibility of Kitsuné, whilst being dark enough to soundtrack a cold night in Dalston. It's not quite perfect, but it showcase a band with a massive amount of potential. We caught up with the band to find out more... Where are you guys from? We are from North & South London How long have you been recording together? We have been recording music since we met at Art School. We have created lots of different sounding work before I Ching. We feel it's good to write and record music as freely as possible before trying to make a body of work that can be considered to have an identity or apparent continuity. How would you describe your music? There is no single way to describe our music, but we would like to think of it as popular music with imagination, imagery and colour. What would you consider your main musical influences? We don't have any ''main'' musical influences of such. It is more a concoction of life experiences that has seeped through the sub- conscious and illustrated itself within the music. In terms of your roots, do feel any musical connection to it or indeed to any scene surrounding it? There is always great music being made in any scene, as much as there is derivative, but the only way we can be put in a scene in this current musical climate, is if someone else puts us there. So, we will see. What element of your music most sets you apart from other bands around? Hopefully we can be seen to have our own character and identity within our music. All our favourite bands and artists have created their own world in which you can become part of, rather than being part of any run of the mill scene. What are your plans for 2011? We intend to finish recording our album as well as getting into making some films. We intend to be as productive as possible.
You can visit the band by heading to http://www.myspace.com/weareiching . Go catch them at their Rockfeedback show at CAMP Basement this Wednesday (13th April)