Soccer96 are Brighton duo Dan Leavers and Max Hallet. Their off-kilter electro explorations are a must-hear for fans of Flying Lotus and Animal Collective: formed of tussling synth loops, live drums and ethereal vocals that lurk in the backdrop of their sixteen-bit blitz. Boasting a DIY ethic and basement-rave aesthetics, the project was originally meant to be a respite from the doom and gloom of their previous band together - post-rock practitioners A Scandal In Bohemia. “We were the most noisy and upbeat pair in a melancholic and intellectual bunch,” explains Leavers, “and Soccer96 was like an unbridled mental side shoot.” Eighteen months on, the duo have attracted the attention of BBC 6 Music and are on the cusp of releasing their debut EP: a four track assault of shimmering keyboard sounds and meandering grooves that insistently pull you into their sway. Their incendiary live performances and the sheer aceness of their eclectic breed of electro is sure to win over countless numbers in the coming months. Check out the sunshine-filled California below and enjoy:
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