With a mixture of Guitar, Fiddle, Double Bass, Cowbell, Banjo, Accordion, Piano, steel bins and in his own words "Jangley shaker things" James Canty and his band have all the elements for a catastrophic case of ear rape. However, the Liverpool six-piece teasingly leaves us gagging for more with every lonesome fiddle bow, every snare crack and every simple, honest lyric. Currently in their last year at Sir Paul's Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, James and his band have already perfected their own mixture of folk, bluegrass, country and rock topping it off with a distinctive mountain singer styled vocal, characteristic of singers of a lost time. It's an absolute treat.
You'd be forgiven if, upon first listen, you presumed James Canty was an American act, with heavy influences from bluegrass and mountain song, but the sentiment and lyrical delicacy is something much more English. Fleet Foxes listeners will feel quite at home. James could be the start of something very welcome from our side of the pond. In his own words "When the Banjo calls, someone's got to answer." Flagship song 'Something You Choose' is available as a free download for 405 readers here. Get the James Canty E.P on from his bandcamp website here.