For all the resurgence of respect for pop music that has occurred over the past few years, no label has been more instrumental than 679 Artists - leaving aside the influence of Xenomania of course. On the back of a tonne of Peter Robinson backed hype they've launched the careers of Little Boots, Marina & The Diamonds, and the soon-to-be-huge Spark. Pop has never felt so comfortable in the pages of NME or the articles of Drowned In Sound than under a 679 banner. Which brings us neatly to the last vestige of pop untouched by this resurgence - the girl band. Sure, Misteeq are a giggle now and again and All Saints are fun to drop for "the LOLZ", but no credible girl band has emerged for far too long. Enter, Oh My! Referencing MSN Messenger and BBM more than an American paedophilia trial, they're a duo first discovered at dance school in Leeds but now based in London. Their debut track, a free download incidentally, is the deliciously addictive 'Run This Town'. Bordering the delicate line between Rebecca Black levels of addictiveness and that ever so specific English tongue in cheek humour - lines like "this town ain’t big enough for me, you, your bit on the side" are bratty, stuffed with more attitude than an episode of Gossip Girl, and oh so very catchy. Of course they've also got a raft of other equally brilliant pop smashes lined up - the highlight of the material I've heard so far has a damn fine Patrick Swayze reference, for instance. Glasvegas they are not, but give Oh My! half a chance and take a long hard look at the label they're bedded up with and maybe you'll realise that it didn't all end when Spiceworld was released. That won't make me burn my VHS copy though, obviously.