If you like Fuck Buttons’ synths and a bit of two step, before some Underworld vocals, then New Moods’s Playtime is going to be your new favourite single. There’s more to them than that – there’s a rich and diverse plethora of influences throughout their tracks, but the above will describe the opening to their upcoming single.
If you know Something In Construction’s previous output (Memory Tapes, Air France, AnR), then you’ll know a lot about this – it’s got the same nice summery vibe, the pleasant backbone and the competent technical ability. It seems like this summer is once again going to be soundtracked by the A&R of SIC and Cascine. It seems lazy to put it, but you have to listen to understand. And as they’re only pressing 50 copies (!) of the New Yorker’s 7”, listen quickly. It’s out now.