When you read that a project began as a bedroom project using "an MPC, a laptop and a crappy casio keyboard" you start to feel the dread of 1,000 Toro Y Moi ripoffs emerging. However, once you read on that this band in front of you are actually a band not a project and that it's been developed from the bedroom into a polished sound, and that their frontman was from Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man and Les Incompitents, that's when you start to perk up. Spector come accross as something of a link between the bedroom and the studio - there's the electronic-y beats and the sense of intimacy that a man alone in his room creates, but there's the openess and the potential that you only get from a band as well. If you can get past the fact that they look like the single biggest hipster band (they even played at the Vice issue launch at the OBL) and listen to the music, you'll be pleasently supprised. 'Never Fade Away' comes out on Luv Luv Luv records on June 20th