Summer Recreation Camp is the creation of Cristian Subirà and the sounds he makes are likely to take you below the surface of all that matters and bring you out the other side - drenched in joy and awake to the world. The photo that would best describe this feeling is this:
Sexy water,Summer Recreation Camp MP3: Summer Recreation Camp - Northern Lakes
As you can probably guess from the introduction/photo, the music is pretty dreamy. Like Animal Collective minus 90% of vocals and 50% of the weirdness. The vast majority of the tracks that you can listen to on his Myspace are constant swirls and vibrations of noise but every so often (listen to 'Staring At The Fire') a beat will enter and the underlying rhythm shines through. Maybe it's his work with his main band Coconot, which features Pablo "El Guincho" Díaz. Who knows. Maybe it's the Spanish heat?
In spare time he runs a smal DiY/Non profit label and show promoter called Discos Compulsivos / LUV LUV and he's shared the stage with the likes of AU, White Magic and Andrew Bernstein. Check out his work at

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