It started off with a whisper and a kiss. Or, rather, with me standing in a darkened room, surrounded by a couple of people, smoke all around, cigarette burning my fingertips. A boy on stage holding onto his violin, shoes off. This was two years ago at a local club; and since then, heavy-hearted melancholy tunes have slowly turned into a perfect summer pop song to be released by Siluh Records on May 13th. Sweet Sweet Moon, also known as Matthias Frey, is Austria's very own multi-instrumental Zach Condon. He however challenges every comparison with anyone else when, full in a room full of looped vocals, violin hooks and electronica, he turns staccatos into noise, when he allows his cellist to play Gameboy on stage or when, with a hint of an adorable Austrian accent, he charms his audience with the words from Daniel Johnston's 'Devil Town'. His folk-like, nostalgic songs which were predominant on his EP Pompidou, have given way to an entirely different sound, something that smells like summer, cheap sunglasses, and early-afternoon picnics. You can get Sweet Sweet Moon new single Smoke Up for free, exclusively for the 405, here.