Summer, O Summer. It’s days in the park with friends, it’s falling asleep in the shade of the leaves, it’s night time dancing, cheap booze, and falling in love with somebody you’ll probably come to resent in time. Gold-Bears are from Altlanta, GA and could well be the soundtrack to all of the above this year. Debut full-length Are You Falling in Love? emerges on Slumberland Records on May 17th – a heady rush of fizzing up-tempo indie-pop that serves as a perfect complement to drunken kisses with strangers and falling over laughing with mates. It’s fuzzy, it’s fast, it’s for anyone who enjoys C86, My Bloody Valentine, Superchunk, Pains of Being Pure at Heart or The Wedding Present. Imagine Titus Andronicus but less burly, more sensitive. Had your eye on the herbal tea-drinking twee girl in the three-generation cardigan? Here’s your conversation kicker. Want to dance with the boy in the Orange Juice t-shirt at the indie disco? Here’s your soundtrack. The record’s press release speaks of its “gentle majesty and fervent energy”. We just call it fun. You can visit the band by heading to