Ben Mercer, aka Right Click Save As, is a clever chap. If you can get past his boyish good looks (although why would you want to?) and his ridiculously hipsterish (I don't like the word hipsteresque, it's too...hipsterish) haircut, you should be able to get behind the fact that he's currently making some damn good music. As James Cook of Spotisfaction says; "ever wondered what glitchy electro-pop would sound like if it was done by just one man and his acoustic guitar? The answer is RightClickSaveAs." And I can't really put it much better than that. Currently being managed by Manta Ray music, and lauded by Adam & Joe, Gill Miles (who runs 'Best Of Myspace') and now, of course, The 405, Right Click Save As should definitely have your musical radar dish kicking up a fuss. His new demo, 'House' is currently available alongside the rest of his music on soundcloud, but because we love you we've decided to offer you a little peek - I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!