Coming out a Phoenix, Arizona are Knesset. It’s OK, the Israeli Government hasn’t relocated, Knesset are a new four piece band with their debut album Coming of Age. Crisp drums are backing up well-crafted guitar led melodies and helped by a cheeky piano. If I read that I’d probably think of Coldplay but Knesset have a much better sound managing to be both young and grown up both at the same time. Their style is young and sunny and tinged with touches of great experimentation.

Strong, honest lyrics draw you into tracks especially on tracks like ‘Brain Waves in Flight’. Coming of Age is an LP full of striking melodies with gentle vocals. I don’t know if they count many influences but there is a hint of Deerhunter hiding in the many layers of tracks like ‘Summer Sun’ and that can only be a good thing. Their brand of melodic guitars with a touch of pop nostalgia deserves the exposure it’s getting and then some. So pour yourself a JD and get over to http://, download and you won’t be disappointed.