A new signing to Killing Moon Records, Strangers is the new project from David Maddox-Jones, the frontman of mid ‘00s doom merchants The Departure. A four-piece already being highly praised by bloggers and webzines, the band specialise in dark, edgy pop that has a hint of despair. Elements of 80s electro- pop a la Gary Numan collides with Hurts and The Horrors-style histrionics. Even the title of their new single seems a little nod to the Pet Shop Boys – ‘It Was A Sin’. This is their debut physical release, and preludes their second digital-only EP. With synth-heavy hooks courtesy of producer extraordinaire Glen Nicholls (The Prodigy, Depeche Mode, Everything Everything), their sound brings to mind blurry-eyed nights of debauchery. An element of misery and mystique is retained throughout, with the glitchy drums also raising curiosity.

Having toiled away in The Departure for five years, it is heartening to see Maddox-Jones return with a new sound and enthusiasm for something that sounds quite different to what he was into before. It is vigorous and addictive, danceable when it shouldn’t be. ‘If I Found Love’ again is full of keyboards but also has the appealing rhetorical question of “If I found love, would love be enough, if I found love, would you feel the same?”. Who says New Romanticism is dead? And also, they’re proving sometimes it does pay off to listen to Strangers. You can find more information at: http://www.strangersofficial.com

‘It Was A Sin’/‘If I Found Love’ is released on 4 July via Killing Moon Records