We first featured Air Drops earlier in the month in our new music section after we copped a listen of the beautiful 'Jejune'.

Since that initial feature we've dug a bit deeper into world of Air Drops. 20 year old prodigy Mike Graybill started out making hip-hop before diversifying into other areas as his listening habits progressed and he cites influences as diverse as Kanye West, David Byrne and Cut Copy. Nice combo eh? Add into the mix an appreciation for Brian Eno and The Weekend and he has our full attention. Listening to his new Air Drops EP you can hear fragments of these influences but Graybill cites them more as inspirations that have "spawned ideas, or just done something original and fresh enough to make me want to create my own work".


The EP of electronic chill-wave is lively and fuzzy summer fun, laced with samples and vocal-free. The constant twist and turns of the EP, and the evolution of the tracks keep you locked in and wanting more. The glitchy mash up of Champions Chariot or the star-gazing grooves of Jejune are great examples of this. You can download the whole EP over on his bandcamp for nada. I'm not sure if the UK can handle another exciting electronic producer but with more new music on the way, including a hip-hop project under a different alias, we don't seem to have much choice.