The darker side of pop music has filtered into the alternative realm over the past year or so bringing with it the aural delights of JJ, Zola Jesus, Austra and, of course, Lady Gaga. Class Actress, a New York trio, fronted by Elizabeth Harper are set to join that scene. Having created a huge buzz in the US with their EP ‘Journal of Ardency’, which was released last year on Terrible Records, they will continue to fan the hype with their much anticipated debut album out this October.

Broody, romantic and overtly sexy (just check out the video to title track Journal of Ardency), Class Actress shoots a sultry glance back to the Madonna leather-clad days of the Eighties. Keeping it modern and not quite so ‘Goth’ as their contemporaries, the band simultaneously tie together pulsing synths, downbeat rhythms and emotive melodies. So whether you’re getting ready for a pre-party, party, post-party night in/night out, make sure this act filters into your evening’s playlist.

You can hear more by visiting The Class Actress Myspace.