A three-piece band who sound far more like they’re from the Southern states of America during the War of Independence than their actual home (deepest, darkest Yorkshire) is not something you come across every day. However, those with a penchant for an expertly played banjo/harmonica combination (see brilliant track ‘The Sacrifice’ in particular) will be instantly hooked by Pete David and his sharply-dressed entourage.

The band’s debut EP Underfed and Underpaid is a whiskey-swigging, foot-tapping masterpiece, and the Payroll Union’s energetic live shows draw enthusiastic Sheffield crowds. The band have been selected to perform at the pan-Yorkshire showcase that is the Forest of Galtres Festival in late August, and are certain to raise the metaphorical roof with their unique brand of Yorkshamericana.

Ghosts by Pete David & The Payroll Union