Out of all the records I have heard so far this year, signed or unsigned, hyped or unhyped, unknown wonderkid Mesita's 'Heres to Nowhere' LP sits as my personal favourite.

It's almost impossible to solidly describe the music Mesita makes. It's magical avant-garde pop; a mash up of Caribou, NERD/The Neptunes & Bon Iver, perhaps. The depth of instrumentation and quality of production is sublime.

What's remarkable about Mesita, otherwise known as James Cooley from Colorado, is that he does absolutely everything himself; production, mixing, vocals, instrumentation, you name it.

Most of his fans seem to think Mesita is a full blown band, polished and perfected in some expensive studio. The reality is that Mesita records everything in his bedroom, and with basic equipment. In other words, this kid means business.

Mesita - 'Here's To Nowhere'