Chalk And Numbers are an Indie-pop duo from Brooklyn, New York. The band have recently released their EP 'He Knew', a 7 song collection of sumptuous vocal tones, stripped back arrangement and otherworldly chemistry. Their songs range from the longing 'Summer Nights', to the sweet as sugar 'I Really Wanna Work This Out' and the charming 'I Hope You Do.' Their sound is characterised by the fairy - like vocal tones of Sable Yong and the intellectual musicianship displayed by Andrew Pierce.

Purveyors of a sound which reminds of a times gone by populated with legends like The Beach Boys and Dusty Springfield, Sable Yong And Andrew Pierce are a welcome change of pace. Far from drenching their sound in reverb and synth, they strip their sound back to its evocative best by avoiding all things modern (and digital) during the recording process, instead choosing to reveal current influences in a more earthy, organic way.