Sarah Williams White returns with her new EP, Hide The Cracks/Charlie out now via new indie label, Minds on Fire. The South London singer-songwriter graced us in 2009 with the well recieved 'Fool' EP. Now, she's back with a fresh set of darker beat-pop fused sounds. We caught up with Sarah to have a wee chat...

Hi Sarah! So, two years on from your debut EP, 'Fool', what can we expect from your latest offering, Hide The Cracks/Charlie??

Hey 405! Yeah I released my double single Hide The Cracks / Charlie on August 15, which includes those two tracks plus I got Phaeleh to do a great dubsteppy remix of ‘Hide The Cracks’ (also included in the release). Out now on iTunes!

Can you explain the background to Hide The Cracks, what's the song about?

It's a song about hiding your faults and fears and maybe even your own voice so that no one can turn around and use them against you. Bit twisted really! Not really a quality I promote in people!

I actually started writing it on a weekend away with Tom Robinson (BBC 6) and some other new young songwriters, which was great fun. I’m not used to writing in that kind of set up though, it’s usually quite a private experience for me; in my studio, on the piano or whatever. I think the feeling of being there and sharing Hide The Cracks before I felt it was ready gave me that kind of vulnerable feeling that fed the song.

I finished the recording of Hide The Cracks with the lovely Andy Spence of New Young Pony Club at his studio. We also got Timmy Rickard (drummer and producer) to do a bit of live drum overdubbing too.

‘Charlie’ is more of a story about an amalgamation of past and present friends who have gone a little crazy on drink or drugs. Friends who are incredibly exciting to be around yet induce fear as you see them loosing a piece of themselves. So yeah, a pretty joyful double single all round!

Would you say you've moved on as a musician since 2009?

I’d definitely say I’ve grown as an artist and musician since ‘Fool’ yeah, through changes in my life both good and bad, and probably just from listening to more music too.

For example, I finally started properly listening to Prince not long ago, and that's hours of intelligence and fearlessness to learn from him alone! Recently I've been falling for Georgia Ann Muldrow, Jamie Lidell, PJ Harvey...I strive to keep growing and opening myself up as an artist, and particularly to keep pushing my own production because I think it gives you that much more scope to express yourself.

Tell me about the video for Hide The Cracks (see below), how did the idea come about?

My recently acquired manager had this great idea of doing the close ups on my mouth to bring focus to all the different vocal layers I create, which are sometimes overlooked. I’ve already seen some crazy video remix on youtube with some model and an octopus too. Freaky.

Any shows coming up??

We had a wicked single launch with my band recently, sorry you missed it! But definitely more in the pipeline with the band, and I’m playing solo on 7th September at McQueens in Shoreditch. Follow me on facebook or join the mailing list for more details.