Seattle has been the hub for some very influential musicians over the years, particularly associated with the grunge scene. Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and more recently Fleet Foxes and Band of Horses have crafted their music in the Emerald City. While Black Whales do not list any of these artists among their influences (opting more for classic rock and roll such as The Kinks, Rolling Stones, The Who, The Animals) their sound is similarly well-crafted.

Following on from their promising 2009 EP Origins, the band have just self-released a new LP, Shangri-La Indeed which refines the bands reverbed sound, fusing 60's style garage rock, jangling indie-pop, psychedelia and folk. It works wonderfully and instantly catches your attention - it's a mystery of the modern world why these guys aren't more well known.

The title track (which opens up the LP) grabs you with it's bold guitar and catch lyrics about "dumb white trash" and "travelling salesmen" while lead single 'Lately' is destined to be a summer indie hit – with thumping upbeat bass, reverb vocals and glimmering guitars.

Now and again you stumble across a band which stop you in your tracks. I am very much stationary (i.e. glued to the spot, as opposed to being a product-line in Staples). If you have a penchant for uptempo indie rock, splashed with psychedelia and folk get involved with these guys immediately. My favourite new band in ages.