Hey, my name is Andrew Caddick, I live in San Diego, and smoke a lot of pot. Even in it's brevity, it goes a long way towards describing the Jeans Wilder sound. It's sunny like his location but with more than hint of discontent, or cynicism. The drug aspect is a pretty easy target. It's dreamy stuff. Like being trapped in a jar full of smoke.
Photobucket MP3: Jeans Wilder - Sea You
The words "You're such a motherfucking tough guy" are never sung more sweetly than on 'Tough Guy', a surfery track without the waves. Here's a "harsher" version of the track for you to look at/listen to:

jeans wilder "tough guys" from Left | Right Hand on Vimeo.

It's not really a video that sums up his recording nature but I would imagine this is the sort of area it would go down in a live environment. So there you have it. Another Lo-Fi, dreamy, messy underground star. Aren't we just sick of it? Nope. Jeans Wilder Mypace