When it comes to the Winter months we all need a bit of warmth. A hug, a jumper, a scarf wrapped tightly and a pair of mittens - these are all essential to surviving a period of time most animals would hibernate through. After listening to The Last Dinosaur, I'm pretty sure they should be included in everyone's 'Winter Check-list'.
The Last Dinosaur MP3: The Last Dinosaur - I Found My Voice
The Last Dinosaur is Jamie Cameron and Luke Hayden, an Essex based duo who record their music the old fashioned way - multi-track equipment and microphones. Is it some marketing ploy to make them seem cool? Not a chance. “Partly because I sort of like that it requires more effort, Partly because change scares me, and partly because I imagine a less ‘warm’ sound is achieved using computer equipment.” says Jamie. The thing is, for the most part you won't even notice that it's done the old way. Sure some songs have that great crackly feel to them that makes Vinyl so special but for the majority of the time it just sounds a lot thicker and rounded. I'm trying to stay clear of using the words 'warm' again but it truly is warm. The funny thing is, what they've produced here - even though it was mastered by John Golden (Sonic Youth, My Morning Jacket, Devendra Banhart), is what a lot of people pay a lot of money to create in a fancy studio. Often without the same end product. Interesting. Reminiscent of the first Midlake album for it's sense of nature, desolation and peace - the debut album Hooray! For Happiness" (out 19th April on Dearstereofan) is magnificent. Make sure you buy it, not only for yourself but for your loved ones too. Incredible. Link: The Last Dinosaur Myspace Page Header photo by Alexandra Cameron