It's all to easy to caught up in the seriousness of music sometimes. Over the last few years we've seen wave after wave of band trying to push some sort of envelope (never really understood that term) and for the most part it's far too obvious to ever really make an impact. I have no issue with bands taking that approach but sometimes you want some fun, right? That's where Alloy Ark come in.
Alloy Ark MP3: Alloy Ark - Rub A Dub Dub
They've been on the radar of quite a few of The 405 staff for a while now and for good reasons. Essentially you're looking at a boy-girl combo (Danielle Appadoo & Doug Broadbent-Yale) from Burt St Edmunds but with an extremely sincere quality. I could argue that it's a Norfolk thing but I'd probably be shot down. Haters. It's quirky in an early Regina Spektor way but with a very British folk bent. Danielle's voice is probably the nicest I've heard for a very long time and that combined with Doug's musical wizadery - you have a match made in heaven. Beautiful. Click here for more info on the band.