The vast majority of our 'Introducing' bands/artists have been from the land of stars and stripes but today our focus is set on the motherland. Sunny old England. Martha Rose are a three piece from England, though the way the met/formed includes more miles than I care to go into. They sound serene like this photo:
Martha Rose MP3: Martha Rose - In The End
They make beautiful & sweet folk music which is the sort of music us British will always do better than anyone else. Things often get boiled down to the weather and I suspect being subjected to dreary weather for the majority of the year, followed by 10% of sunshine is why we appreciate the good times more so than any other country and can still smile during the bad. Martha Rose remind me of the good times though. Martha's voice is full of depth and sweet like honey. It sits perfectly on top of Jessica Sea's percussion and Ben Joel's banjo/lap steel work. I really can't recommend them highly enough. Head over to and find out for yourself!