In the past, I haven't really been able to label many bands as "my favourite". I could do that for Turbonegro, Escape the Fate, Bob Dylan, and The Manchester Orchestra. Well, now the torch has been passed down to a new band; a band simply named jj. They are a Swedish duo that came out around mid-2009 with their album, JJ N*2. No one really knew much about them at all. Whenever I find something I really like, I don't just want to keep it to myself like some, I feel like good music is something that everyone should know.

First up are some black & white vidzzz. The first one is a for a song called 'Let Go' that was just released yesterday. Kind of reminds me of Snoop Dogg's Drop it Like It's Hot which is alright because I liked that video quite a bit. The second video features the songs: My Life My Swag, which I really loved but was released as a single, and also My Swag My Life which is neat too:

Next up are the Lil' Wayne-related videos. The first one was the first song I heard by jj: Ectasy. It basically takes the beat from Lollipop and transforms it into something much, much better. The second one, My Way, features a previously online-only released song of theirs but this time, they included a verse from Lil' Wayne himself taken from the song Don't Trip with Trina from a few years back:

The next set of four are covers, only furthermore exemplifying jj's diversity. The first one is a cover of the theme song from the show Welcome Back Kotter which was pretty popular in the 70's. Up next is a cover of a band who's also on the Sincerely Yours record label, Avner, with the song bed för mig. Using the same music video, jj just replaced the audio with theirs which makes it pretty cool. Thirdly is another Swedish cover, but this time with hip-hop group Lorentz & M. Sakarias with the song Baby. Cool horses & autotunes here. Finally is a rendition of Akon's Troublemaker. I don't like Akon all that much, but I've got to thank him for putting this song out so jj can redo it and give it the emotion it needs:

Well, there it is. Most of their other songs are online as well if you feel like looking further into it. Their second album, approriately titled JJ N*3, will be out March 9th. MP3: jj - Ecstacy