Today's 'Introducing' band is a step back from the 'lo-fi' direction of many of February's discoveries. Instead of fuzz soaked guitars, we have a huge a wall of sound. The band in question, Rapids!, are babies in the grand scheme of things. They formed last September through the magic of Gumtree (it's not just for free sofas and temp jobs) but have already supported the likes of The Chapman Family & Victorian English Gentlemen's Club. They also have a support slot with Errors coming up and John Kennedy loves them. They sound like this:
Photobucket MP3: Rapids! - Maps
Comparisons to early Bloc Party are pretty accurate. The manic energy which bubbled under the surface way back when is like a stray cat to this band. They've taken it in, given it a home and brought it new life. I don't really believe in the Foals comparisons though. The song the band gave us ('Maps') to give away is a good place to start if you're new to the band. It sums up exactly what they're all about. Huge sounding Indie music done by people that have a keen ear for making interesting, yet accessible music. In the very short amount of time they've been together they've achieved a ridiculous amount. So I guess in five months time they'll be the kings of this island, right? I wouldn't bet against it. You can visit the band by going to