Drew Danburry describes his music as 'Kickass Kindergarten Folk Pop Sing Along Music'. I can't really argue with that. My first experience of Drew's music was his cover of 'I Do' by Weezer. Cover songs of great bands are always a strange thing. On one hand you have people covering the likes of Radiohead, which always gives me that 'waiting for the car crash' feeling. Whereas on the other hand you have a band like Weezer who make, though not so much anymore, classic pop songs which are easy to cover. What I liked about Drew's version is that a) his voice sounded like a softer Tim Kasher and b) the video was brilliantly funny. His sense of humour is apparent in his music but not the dominating factor. He just doesn't seem to take himself too seriously. Which is always good.
As soon as the video finished I went on a strict Drew Danburry diet. It included songs like 'Residents In Orange County' for breakfast, 'Artex' for lunch and this video for dinner:
If I could sum up his music using only one photo, it would be this one:
Photobucket MP3: Drew Danburry - Many Are Cold, but Few Are Frozen
He recently released a new album, Goodnight Gary, which we reviewed (here!) and loved. It's a sing-a-long pop/folk masterpiece, which should be enjoyed with friends. If you've been purging on rubbish music and fast food pop recently, join me on the Danburry diet. You won't regret it. You can view Drew Danburry by clicking here!