Well done Nick deWitt, you've officially stumped me. Your music is so great and imaginative that it's hard to come up with the right words to describe what it is you do. I'll give it a go though. Nick is based in Los Angeles California and makes the sort of music that should accompany surreal scenes from French films, or maybe a Hayao Miyazaki animation.
Nick deWitt MP3: Nick deWitt - Bears Theme (Working Title)
Having said that, his music doesn't require a visual accompaniment to succeed. It's sort of got that eastern European vibe to it (in places), much like Beirut, but is purely instrumental. Well, apart from the rather amazing 'Your Head Is A House', which features the L.A. Ladies Choir and sounds more like Sufjan than Zach. In fact, the only sort-of-accurate comparison I could think of was that his music is similar to that of Sufjan Stevens when he puts down the micrpophone. But still, it's not quite right. It's breathtaking stuff and definitely worthy of your time. Here's a couple of video's he composed music for. Enjoy.
You can visit Nick deWitt by clicking here!