Girls Names are the first Irish band to be featured in our 'Introducing' series and as a friend of mine often says, 'start strong'. We have. Part of the new generation of surf-pop artists from the UK, Girls Names have what a lot of the others lack. The songs.
Girls Names MP3: Girls Names - Graveyard
Recently the 'surf' tag has been used as a blanket term to describe any one that makes lo-fi,bedroom recordings with a heavy handed approach to reverb. It's as much as an annoyance as the 'topshop-haircut' era of the last decade. All style and no substance. Thankfully these guys don't adhere to that rule. Just listen to 'Tear Me Down' or 'Bloody Well' from their Myspace page. Two great pop songs, with an actual hook. Since forming in January of 2009, Girls Names have had one hell of a ride. They've supported the likes of Sic Alps, Wavves, Times New Viking, Lovvers and Gary War, released a few tapes (all sold out) and soon to go on tour of the UK with La La Vasquez to support of their latest 12" release through Captured Tracks. The future is very bright for these two. You can visit Girls Names by clicking here!