I once had a Mixtape fight with a guy from TSURURADIO. I thought hard for Californian bands, whereas he claimed his stake for Canadian ones. With pride on the line, we both felt like we'd won but after listening to Years, I feel ever so defeated.
Years MP3: Years - The Major Lift
Years is just one (extraordinary talented) individual by the name of Ohad Benchetrit. A multi-instrumental, sound-scape specialist from Canada who plays in such bands as Do Make Say Think and Broken Social Scene. Heard of them? With that sort of pedigree you know you're in for something special. Years is supposed to be his way of getting rid of the excess baggage of recording and creating music with those bands. The result is a collection of songs with the instant grab of BSS and the epic nature of DMST. Just download the track above for proof of that. The idea of putting together an album of unfinished songs from tour after tour seems like a bad idea to me but I've yet to hear any sort of filler. It's incredibly rich and fulfilling music. Signed to Arts & Crafts, Ohad Benchetrit - under the guise of Years, released his first album last year and I urge you all to buy it. You can visit Years by clicking here!