Despite only being in the early stages of their career, Toy Horses have pulled off some pretty amazing feats. Their tracks were picked up by Radio 1, 6 Music and gained repeated "Demo of the Week" accolades on BBC Wales last year, as well as becoming a 'Featured Band' on Myspace and XFM. Soon after that Wilco's Ken Coomer contacted them to see if he could record their album in America & the hugely influential Nic Harcourt picked them to play a showcase at SXSW - which then lead to a live session on KCRW! Not only that but they then played the legendary Spaceland in LA with Wilco's drummer and Frank Black’s bass player and have been booked again for the upcoming SXSW festival.
Toy Horses MP3: Toy Horses - Damage Done
All of what's happened for them so far has been justified. The music is just out and out brilliant. It's indie-pop of the highest calibre. Songs like 'Damage Done' (above) and 'No One's Ever Gonna Leave You' showcase a band with the ability to create sixties sounding songs but with a very modern twist. What I like about the band, apart from the music, is that they've done it without any of the normal codes of conduct. They haven't sent out a million Myspace friend requests, they haven't got a friend to take 'arty' photos of them for their profile pic and they certainly haven't tried to create some magical story about their creation. Instead they spent their time creating some great pop songs and let the rest run it's course. That's pretty rare these days. With a debut album soon to be released on their own label, Albino Sparrow Records, Toy Horses are a prime example of a band that have done it the right way. To visit Toy Horses, click here!