Je Suis Animal make the sort of music that's easy to write about, and coming from the point of view of a reluctant writer - it makes all the difference. The band formed in our fine country back in 2004 but they soon moved to Oslo and it certainly shines through every note they make. Whether or not they intentionally set out to make the kind of music which acts like hand warmers to cold climates is questionable, but it certainly warms my heart.
Je Suis Animal MP3: Je Suis Animal - Sparkle Spit
The image above is where they recorded their debut album, Self-Taught Magic From A Book. It perfectly captures the desolate quality of their music but doesn't even come close to the beauty they created on that record. It's a great collection of experimental sounds wrapped up in pop jumper. Watch the video below, download the track above; fall in love. It's that simple.
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