Folk and drum machines mix well. Especially when you leave it up to Loz Keystone (I think he's meant to be Endorphin) and add some cello playing from Ellie Quinn (I guess she's Lyla). Whatever alter-egos or personae these musicians assume, it hardly matters; they make an excellent partnership in creating lulling compositions that would be played around a burning oil drum, in a back alley, in Peckham. I say Peckham because if you are a resident of the area you may be bemused/outraged/delighted to find that they've been vandalizing you're local waste disposal units with some tales: Image and video hosting by TinyPic MP3: Endorphin and Lyla - Drop This is a very unpretentious, warming kind of folk music. Endorphin and Lyla's near whispering vocals and gentle cello arrangements provide a comfort that gets us used to hostilities and loneliness, just as the bitter season of Winter draws to a close. Listen to more of Endorphin and Lyla's tracks at