The Scottish amongst us will probably have a fair idea of what Trapped In Kansas are all about. They've played all over that fine country, from coast to coast, festival after festival. For people that may not have heard of them though, this will hopefully be good starting point. Formed back in 2008, Trapped In Kansas are holding up the American Football side of things with aplomb. The other side of the coin is their 'Mathy' quality which is reminiscent of This Town Needs Guns.
Trapped In Kansas MP3: Trapped In Kansas - Carpathia
After listening through their songs on Myspace, it became pretty obvious that these guys know how to write a good song, which is something both Steve Lamacq and Tom Robinson have picked up on. Their first CD came out in April, and was a split EP with ‘The Darien Venture’. The EP was limited to 300 copies and has gone on to sell out. Which is no surprise to me. Have a listen to the song above and find out for yourself. To visit the band, click here!