Shenandoah Davis has the sort of voice that sinks ships, starts wars, breaks down walls and make people fall in love. The quick bio is that she grew up in Colorado, studied opera performance in college, moved to Seattle and started to write songs - which led to meeting Queer Control Records and then joined the rather brilliant Grand Hallway. Currently she's in the middle of a pretty intense touring schedule, whilst trying to write/record her second release.
Shenandoah Davis MP3: Shenandoah Davis - We; Camera
Above is a song called 'We; Camera', which is the perfect example of how she mixes her beautiful voice with classical and folk elements. It's very reminiscent of Owen Pallett in that respect. The fusion of classical with folk, done in an interesting way is extremely addictive. Grand Hallway are good; Very good in fact. Shenandoah Davis solo? Now that's an exciting prospect.
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