The Spring Offensive are a bunch of guys from Oxford, who are hell bent on bringing a fresh angle to indie music. Though putting them in a box is pretty pointless. They cite bands like Death Cab For Cutie, I Like Trains, Anathallo, A Silver Mt. Zion, Reuben as influences - but were quick to tell us they probably didn't sound like any of those guys. I agree. Listening to 'Every Coin' (video below) and 'I Found Myself Smiling' (download below) gave me a real sense of claustrophobia. Like I was trapped in a lift, with the only source of sound coming from the band whispering "If you want to find your lover/I suggest you slide into the river/like the rat that you are" in my ears. It's stalker music for a band holding all the cards (see promo shots!).
Spring Offensive MP3: Spring Offensive - I Found Myself Smiling
The other side of things is their ability to pen songs like 'A Let Down' (video below) with it's sprightly guitar lines and Lucas Whitworth's vocals soaring over the top of everything around it. It's the song that allows inclusion. The majority of their songs have a real drawn off quality to it, like the band are playing for it each other; whereas this song is for you - it's about you and you're in it. There's nothing wrong with the former at all though; In fact it's nice to hear. I can imagine they would be a killer live band with that sort of tension. In 2009 they released their debut EP, which sold out within months. In March 2010, they released a mini-album, 'Pull Us Apart' and they plan on releasing another record this Summer. I can't wait.
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