Water Borders are the sort of band that fit into two specific categories; 1) being extremely hard to pin-point and 2) being the sort of band you’ll see someday without intending too and come away displaying the sort of impression that would fit alongside the caption of – ‘what the hell just happened’.
Water Borders MP3: Water Borders - Akko
Based in San Francisco, this duo (Loric and Amitai) are the yin to Animal Collectives more hopeful yang. It’s the soundtrack to the man chasing you in your dreams; the moment you cross the road without looking both ways and the time you left the house without turning the oven off. The music is urgent, dark, frantic (but oddly organised) and as big as the trees that grow around their home town. It’s all about layers here, so download the song above and put your headphones on. You’re in for a treat. You can visit Water Borders by clicking here!