Lately La La is Sara Gustafsson; an extremely talented lady from Sweden. She studied Music and Visual Art in Brighton, and lived in England for five years before moving back to Sweden recently.
 Lately La La MP3: Lately La La – Bogumilla Birds
She was raised the daughter of an organist and choir leader but insists she tried to never learn the ‘proper’ way. This translates itself into the improvisational stance she has on all her songs; a creation she refers to as ‘[being] like a kaleidoscope of sounds’. Musically speaking its pop, which isn’t a massive shock considering her heritage – but she does bring some folk to the table. This might be more to do with her voice, which is stunning in a subtle kind of way and not in the ‘wow – she can really travel the octaves’ sort of way. Her music is of such beauty that I can’t help but feel a bit gutted by her departure from this cold island but hopefully she’ll be back soon to grace us with her talent. I’ll be waiting patiently. You can visit Lately La La by clicking here!