Jawws Of Life is Ryan V, a guy with a story. A story of heartbreak, long journeys and €œplaying in a slew of garage bands - half-assed attempts at post-punk or pop-punk or whatever crappy trend I was caught up in at the time€. We'€™ve all been there, right?

Now at 25, he'€™s settled in Philadelphia and has been recording lo-fi gems ever since. Which is about five months.

MP3: Jawws Of Life - Skeleteens

Those gems can be found on his debut EP, which is an adventure through his childhood, listening to bands like Smashing Pumpkins, MBV and The Beatles. Don'€™t expect to hear 'A Hard Day'€™s Night'€™ though; think Siamese Dream without the budget or high pitch wailings.

The song above, 'Skeleteens'€™, is the finest of the three tracks and showcases Vecci'€™s ability to pen lyrics that go perfectly in hand with the music that'€™s backing it.

€™"When we were getting high and you placed all the fruit of your heart on my eye/baby I could've died. When you hung down by the lake/purple daze/how my skull ricochets/maybe I should've tried"

All he needs to do now is fall in love and we'™ll have a great follow up.

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